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⚜ Independent roleplaying blog for The Boss/Protag of the Saints Row series

⚜ Several years of RP experience (I can’t honestly remember)

⚜ Somewhat selective with who I roleplay with

⚜ Multi-fandom friendly for the most part

⚜ Multi-shipper as well!

⚜ Able to do all sorts of formats (except novella because it wears me out)

⚜ Skype and whatever else is available if we’re cool with each other

⚜ I suppose I’m a friendly dude or something, haha!

⚜ Don’t always make starters for people

⚜ Expect a lot of violence and all sorts of naughty shit


⚜ If you have any other questions, feel free to message me!

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So hey, I’m up. Gonna work on stuff I owe to people and well — I dunno. If anyone wants to do stuff, please let me know. I’d really like to interact more!

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{;; ✪ ;;

Paris, the city of romance and midnight rendezvous,
it was by far one of Carmelita’s most favoured cities to be
 ——however it was not a time for sightseeing.
Reports had shown that the infamous leader of a careless gang of car-jackers, brawlers and brutes
was here, in this truly tranquil setting.
Now one cannot arrest an individual if they hold no bounty,
so the irked inspector would observe and be ready to p o u n c e.
And what a landmark to be working with — the Eiffel Tower,
now she would simply 【play the waiting game】, before the real one began.


[ The infamous leader of the Third Street Saints had arrived in Pairs. The city of — well, you get the point. It’s a nice place to be in. Lots of interesting stuff. His first time visiting, actually. Kinda felt glad to be out of his usual turf; which isn’t to say he hated it at all. Just needed some time away. Besides, he was more than certain that his lieutenants can keep an eye out on whatever the hell was going on. Right now - Boss was in the need of a vacation. Well — one that brought in work. He basically wanted to see if he could locate some sort of hideout for him and his crew over here. Would be nice to set up shop outside of the states. But only time will tell if that were to happen.

But alas, here he was at the famous Eiffel Tower, a marvelous sight to behold. Looked absolutely gorgeous at night! What with all of its lights shining through the sky and all that good junk. He was content. Had to wonder if there was anything to do over here. Could always go to the very top and see the view from all the way up there. Wouldn’t be the first time he dealt with such a great height. With a simple nod to himself, he began walking straight towards whatever entrance there may be. ]

for the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character.

[ Here’s the big and bad Boss-man arming himself for some sort of thing in the penthouse. Has a whole bunch of weapons laid out in front of him. This should end up on the news in record time once he’s done! ]

~So, it’s gettin’ ready to blow
It’s gettin’ ready to show
Somebody shot off at the mouth and
We’re getting ready to know

It’s gettin’ ready to drop
It’s gettin’ ready to shock
Somebody done turned up the heater
An’ a it’s gettin’ ready to pop~



  Nate is holding a highly-customized
pistol in his hand, brow cocked slightly
                as he says slowly,

                        “…The grip’s kinda nice on this thing.
                       A little too much fleur de lis motif though.”

  He preferred the .45 he had tucked
 under his dinner jacket, but when he
really thought about it, it was too small
         to fuck up other gangs with.

[ Adjusting his clothing, Boss looks over at Nate and hears his comment over the pistol. He chuckles a tad, remembering how ULTOR thought having customized weapons for the Saints would be a good idea. He’s gonna have to go to one of these board meetings and mention how over-stylizing these things is a no-go at all. ]

"Heh. It’s one of the few we had left with us. Gonna talk to the heads and mention how we could go for something much more subtle and not completely overdone. Shit, I might as well just go off on ‘em about all sorts of junk."

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